Emma – Winner of Foodie Recipe of The Month May 2012

Emma from Sales has won Foodie Recipe of The Month for May 2012 for her Jubilee Celebration Cake.

Meet the Winner:


With the whole country celebrating The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, marking 60 years of The Queens Reign and will only be the second in the country’s history, Emma’s dish is great for the celebratory bank holiday weekend.

For her creativity at this special time of year, she is announced the winner.

It was a very difficult competition to judge this month and we would also like to acknowledge that Huseyin from Product Group and Roberto from Stock Control also gained maximum points for their dishes. 

Their step by steps were fantastic, easy to follow and were set out brilliantly…their dishes are of ‘top chef’ standards.

  We hope to see more from all of you very soon!


“When it comes to winning, you need the skill and the will. Looks like Emma has it all and I am very pleased to have her in my team.
She is always real professional at her work. We now have discovered her different talents.

On behalf of all the Sales team, we are looking forward to tasting your cake soon.

Well Done and Congratulations”.

Baris Kacar – Sales Manager

One Response to “Emma – Winner of Foodie Recipe of The Month May 2012”
  1. Gülbeyaz says:

    Being announced as a winner on your Birthday 😀 Isn’ t that brilliant ? 🙂 Congratulations x

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