This is very famous and traditional Turkish dish speciality minced meat is mixed with cooked rice and fried.
Serve Kadinbudu kofte( Lady’s Thigh kofte) with variety of meze side dishes or with a simple side salad

Preparition : 45 minutes

Cooking : 15 minutes


JJ Ingredients:

MEA040 Wilson best value minced beef  1kg

MIS128 Natural breadcrumbs 1*1 Kg 

OIL051 JJ Sunflower oil 1*5L

Other Ingredients:

1 big onion chopped

 ½ bunch of fresh parsley chopped

 ½ cup rice

 1 tea spoon salt

1/2 tea spoon cumin

 ½ tea spoon black pepper

 2 eggs beaten

 4 spoon full of flour and

 6 spoon full of breadcrum

 Step one

Put the rice make into the boiling water for ten minutes. Make sure rice is not cooked fully

Step two

In a pan, sauté half of the minced beef with onions for a few minutes only until beef’s colour changes.

Step three

 In a large mixing bowl get half of the remaining minced beef add boiled rice

Step four

Then add egg, cumin, parsley salt and black pepper. Knead with your hands. Add the cooked minced beef/onion mixture and mix well. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes

Step five

When ready the cook, take egg size piece of mixture, roll it up in your hands like an egg. Then flatten the piece to give it an oval shape. Place the paddies on a plate, ready to fry

Step six

In frying pan, pour the sunflower oil, heat oil over medium heat. Mix two eggs in a bowl, set aside put the flour on a plate, and put the breadcrumb another plate. Take each piece of meatball, first place it in flour, making sure both side are covered. Dip in the egg mixture, and then dip it in a breadcrumb. Place it in the frying pan. Add as many meatballs as you can fit on the frying pan. Fry it both sides until golden brown. Serve with tomato and salad.



  1. agnieszka says:

    looks and taste so delicious Ilyas is the best kofte what I ever tried for sure I will use your recipes very soon 🙂

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