We haven’t had much summer this year, so why not keep yourself warm with this hot, spicy colourful biryani with side of cooling cucumber and carrot raita, the raita is a cool sauce made from natural yogurt which complements the biryani perfectly. This dish is great for the cold rainy days that we seem to … Continue reading

Olympic Cake By Betigul From Sales

Britain, London can be proud of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. We feel very lucky and proud to have been part of it. It was fantastic games, phenomenal success of London 2012. It was very exciting time for London and for visitors to the city. Therefore during the period we inspired by Olympics and decided … Continue reading

Aubergine Delights By Ozgul From Sales

Aubergine Delights –with its original name “Islim Kebab”- is known to be an old Ottoman dish which is made of aubergines stuffed with soft beef in a rich tomato sauce and grated cheese that done my way. This is a great tempting presentation dish that you can serve as a main or side dish.Its steamy,cheesy … Continue reading

Chocolate Truffle and Pistachio Torte & Pistachio Ice Cream By Shankar From QA

An indulgent dessert sure to satisfy your chocolate craving, bitter chocolate torte complimented by sweet and nutty pistachio. A good combination of flavours and textures. Chocolate Torte Ingredients: 100g/4oz amaretti biscuits, 400g/1lb dark chocolate (70 cocoa solids), 4 tbsp liquid glucose 650ml double cream 50g chopped pistachio nuts (unsalted, shelled) (SPI325) Unsalted butter for greasing … Continue reading

Peruvian Sea Bass Ceviche in Tiger’s Milk By Gokhan From Product Group

A South American seafood dish typically using raw fish marinated with citrus juices and seasonings including a variety of herbs and spices, onion and pepper. This is my unique recipe of the dish, so enjoy! The marination liquid is called Tiger’s Milk by Peruvians:) Accompany with Pisco, the Peruvian classic….or say cheers to Peru by … Continue reading