Chicken Pasta Salad By Agnieszka From Sales

One of the most popular meal .Easy made. Chicken and salad make an excellent combination for quick lunch.


CHI306: Fresh Halal Chicken Breast Fillets-(250g+)-2x5kg
EG017: Cucumbers (Class 2)-1×12
SPI392: Schwartz for Chef Ground Black Pepper-1x400g
100g pastaconchigliette
salt & pepper

Step 1:

Pasta conchigliette cook al dente in salted water, drain well.

Step 2:

Chicken fillets cut into cubes and then fry in a pan.

Step 3:

Cucumber, gherkins, cut into medium size cubes. Leek wash, clean, cut off the ends of the leaves, cut into thin slices. Dill finely chop.

Add chicken to pasta.

Step 4:

Put all salad ingredients in a bowl.

Step 5:

Add the mayonnaise, season to taste with salt and pepper. Stir gently and serve.


One Response to “Chicken Pasta Salad By Agnieszka From Sales”
  1. Cihan says:

    it looks nice,Good Luck Agnieszka πŸ™‚

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