“One for the Kids” Spanish Pie by Shankar From QA

A tasty, wholesome and nutritional dish, I hope a schools menu designer views this; I would love to have been served this at school!!! Ingredients For the Filling: 1 Fennel Bulb thinly sliced 8 Chicken Thighs (CHI189 – Charnwood Fayre IQF Chicken Thighs Oystercut-3x2kg) Knob of butter 2 small red onions, chopped 2 red peppers, … Continue reading

Garlic King Prawn & Mushroom Stuffed Squid Tubes By Ali From Transport

An easy recipe that invites you to experience the full taste of seafood with a little twist. Enjoy the rich taste of squid and prawns combined with tasty vegetables and spices that will surprise everyone at the table. Ingredients FIS295 Ocean Catch (11/20) Cleaned Squid with Tentacles FIS376 Ocean Catch IQF P&D Vannanmei (16/20) King … Continue reading

Chicken Manchurian with Vegetable Fried Rice & Fruity Creamy Salad by Shahzad from IT

Chicken Manchurian with vegetable fried rice is very famous and most eaten Chinese dish in sub-continent. Cooking seems to reach its heights in flavour when it’s a chicken day. Let your taste-buds go chicky with this chicken Manchurian and vegetable fried rice recipe. It always prove as a delicious meal for kids and grown up. … Continue reading

Vietnamese Traditional Sticky Rice with Prawn Wrapped and Steamed in Banana Leaf (Xoi tom cuon la chuoi) by Kim from Admin

Just as congee is the traditional Chinese breakfast, in Vietnam it is common to start the day with a bowl of sticky rice. This recipe for prawn sticky rice consists of prawn cooked with sweet glutinous rice and coconut milk. Preparation: 10 min Cooking: 30 min   JJ Ingredients: FIS376­_Ocean Catch IQF Raw P&D Vannamei … Continue reading


Shankar from QA and Mahesh from I.T have won Foodie Recipe of The Month for August 2012 .   Meet the Winners: Shankar from Quality Assurance for his CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE AND PISTACHIO TORTE & PISTACHIO ICE CREAM & Mahesh from I.T. for his SPICY SUMMER BIRYANI WITH A COOLING CUCUMBER RAITA As you both had an excellent recipe you … Continue reading