Spanish Tapas By Maria From HR

In terms of Spanish cuisine, the word “tapas” derives from its literal English translation “covers”.  Historically, small dishes had been used to cover drinks in bars to prevent insects flying into the drinks.  When small snacks were placed in these dishes to enjoy with the drinks, the word “tapas” caught on as the name for … Continue reading

Sea Bream, Rice & Salad By Ali From Transport

A succulent dish, full of flavour and healthy ingredients which will titillate a fish lovers taste buds. Also a good introduction for those who have had less experience with fish dishes. An excellent choice of meal to share with friends and family on a warm summers evening. Prep Time: 30 minutes Cook Time: 30 minutes … Continue reading

Sabzipolo Mahi ba Kookoo sabzi (Persian Dish) By Marjan From Sales

Sabzipolo mahi ba kookoo sabzi, is a traditional Persian dish, which sabzi means herb, polo means rice, mahi means fish and kookoo is a traditional Persian herb omelette. It’s a well-balanced  diet , packed full with essential  nutrients  from all food groups and you can eat much and won’t gain weight. What ever you cook, … Continue reading

Peruvian Sea Bass Ceviche in Tiger’s Milk By Gokhan From Product Group

A South American seafood dish typically using raw fish marinated with citrus juices and seasonings including a variety of herbs and spices, onion and pepper. This is my unique recipe of the dish, so enjoy! The marination liquid is called Tiger’s Milk by Peruvians:) Accompany with Pisco, the Peruvian classic….or say cheers to Peru by … Continue reading


If you will eat this your dreams will come true!!! It is made for and served for dinner or supper for any occasion. You can serve this meal with iceberg lettuce and garlic sauce. It is an International meal which is very tasty and soft. All the ingredients cause a very good combination of flavours. … Continue reading