“ITALIAN TOUCH” – Creamy Mushroom & Ham Tagliatelle By Rossana From Credit Control

My personal halal version of one of the most  famous Italian-pasta dishes. Ingredients: VEG290 Greens Frozen Sliced Mushrooms PIZ041 JJ Halal Julienne Turkey (Ham) DAI133 Kerrymaid Soft Spread OIL051 JJ Sunflower Oil SPI402 Nefis Bucket Dried Parsley Tagliatelle Single Cream Salt Black Pepper Fresh Garlic Step 1: Remove the central part of the garlic and … Continue reading


The Easter preparations are an important part of the selection of recipes that are family, friends and guests to celebrate the occasion we want to create. Traditional dishes such as ham and eggs, spongy cake, of course, can not be left out. All holiday regions, an opportunity to try out new recipes as well. Behold, … Continue reading


Baozi ( Lamb Bun), traditional Chinese food with 1400 years history made by flour pastry with minced lamb and vegetable filling. Ingredients: SPI474: Knorr Chicken Powder SPI440: Lotus Five Spice Powder OIL075: Orchid Blended Sesame Oil VEG698:  Fresh Ginger Lamb Mince Plain Flour Yeast Soy Sauce Spring Onion Step 1: Pour the flour into the … Continue reading

Hunkar Begendi By Onur From Product Group

I would like to make Hunker Begendi for JJ Foodie. Hünkar Beğendi is lamb stew served on a bed of creamy roasted eggplant puree. However, “begendi,” in time, started to be used for eggplant puree. Ingredients: 500 gr meat. MEA136: Red Tractor Premiumeat Diced Lamb-2x1kg 2 spoons butter SAN015: Lakeland Butter Portions-(SIZE 7)-6×100 2 onions VEG366: Brown … Continue reading

Mus and Nick’s Glazed Beef Bonanza with Spiced Potatoes

Mus and Nick’s Glazed Beef Bonanza with Spiced Potatoes is a fantastic dish to enjoy with friends over a glass of your favourite wine! Spiced Potatoes Preparation time approximately 1 hour Cooking time, approximately 1 hour Serves 6 Ingredients: VEG646: 1 kg/2 lb of floury potatoes VEG605: 1 large green pepper, seeded and finely chopped … Continue reading