Cracked Wheat Carrots By Ateser From Counter

For your vegetarian friends or just for you to enjoy a veggie,healthy dish.Its been one of my favourite dishes all the time because its very healthy and easy to prepare,you can get it done in half an hour. Ingredients: POT057: Smash Instant Mashed Potato-1x2kg RIC025: Nefis Fine Bulgur (Koftelik Bulgur)-1×2.5kg SAU397: JJ Triple Concentrated (36-38%) … Continue reading

“ITALIAN TOUCH” – Creamy Mushroom & Ham Tagliatelle By Rossana From Credit Control

My personal halal version of one of the most  famous Italian-pasta dishes. Ingredients: VEG290 Greens Frozen Sliced Mushrooms PIZ041 JJ Halal Julienne Turkey (Ham) DAI133 Kerrymaid Soft Spread OIL051 JJ Sunflower Oil SPI402 Nefis Bucket Dried Parsley Tagliatelle Single Cream Salt Black Pepper Fresh Garlic Step 1: Remove the central part of the garlic and … Continue reading

Traditional British Roast Chicken By Oner From Operations (BAS)

This recipe, For a tasty, authentic roast dinner, this traditional dish is unbeatable. Simple and yet mouth-wateringly delicious, this truly is a meal the whole family can enjoy especially for Sunday lunch. Prep Time: 30 minutes Cook Time: 1 hour, 30 minutes Total Time: 2 hours Ingredients: 1 x Perdix roasting chicken 1 stick/110g Kerrymaid Spread butter, softened ½ … Continue reading

Mus and Nick’s Glazed Beef Bonanza with Spiced Potatoes

Mus and Nick’s Glazed Beef Bonanza with Spiced Potatoes is a fantastic dish to enjoy with friends over a glass of your favourite wine! Spiced Potatoes Preparation time approximately 1 hour Cooking time, approximately 1 hour Serves 6 Ingredients: VEG646: 1 kg/2 lb of floury potatoes VEG605: 1 large green pepper, seeded and finely chopped … Continue reading

Sabzipolo Mahi ba Kookoo sabzi (Persian Dish) By Marjan From Sales

Sabzipolo mahi ba kookoo sabzi, is a traditional Persian dish, which sabzi means herb, polo means rice, mahi means fish and kookoo is a traditional Persian herb omelette. It’s a well-balanced  diet , packed full with essential  nutrients  from all food groups and you can eat much and won’t gain weight. What ever you cook, … Continue reading