Izmir Levanten Baklavasi/Levantine Baklava of Izmir By Roberto From Stock Control

Baklava is being developed in the imperial kitchens of the Topkapi Palace. My version has less layers and less sugar and the addition of cinnamon. This recipe makes 1.5 kg of baklava for less than £5. Preparation: 1hr to 1hr and 30min Cooking: 40 min Ingredients: SPI211  Tate & Lyle Fairtrade Granulated Sugar (Single Pack) … Continue reading

The Popeye Special by Mustafa – Chief Executive Officer

The Popeye Special is a perfect nutritional meal, all for less than £1.00…and just how my hala makes it!! The spinach in this recipe counts towards your five a day and helps in having a well-balanced and healthy diet. The halloumi cheese/hellim, originating from Cyprus, is an excellent source of calcium which is vital for your teeth and bones. And finally, the … Continue reading