Radga Patties By Sonal From Customer Service

I made a simply awesome and mouth watering indian dish. It’s called radga patties. Patties is made of potoatoes and radga is called with chick peas. Hope you like it. Ingredients: LEN010: KTC Chick Peas-12x400g VEG007: Loose Tomatoes (Class 2)-1x6kg FLO024: JJ Corn Flour-1x3kg OIL049: JJ Vegetable Cooking Oil (PET)-1x5L ½ mustard and cumin seeds … Continue reading


This is dedicated to real spinach lovers like me. As many people belive that eaten daily, is the essence of good health. However, being green it contains Vitamin A and C and of course it tastes delicious.   Ingredients: VEG318 1 kg Leaf Spinach 2 tea spoon butter 1 cup of  whole milk 2 tea … Continue reading

Cracked Wheat Carrots By Ateser From Counter

For your vegetarian friends or just for you to enjoy a veggie,healthy dish.Its been one of my favourite dishes all the time because its very healthy and easy to prepare,you can get it done in half an hour. Ingredients: POT057: Smash Instant Mashed Potato-1x2kg RIC025: Nefis Fine Bulgur (Koftelik Bulgur)-1×2.5kg SAU397: JJ Triple Concentrated (36-38%) … Continue reading


ASHURE (Aşure) Aşure is a traditional Turkish dessert made from different varieties of grains, nuts, and fruits mixed together to form a porridge-like pudding.  The word “aşure” is derived from the Hebrew word “asor” which means “the tenth” or more literally as “the tenth day” as the “Day of Aşure” usually falls on the tenth … Continue reading

Apple Stuffed Cookies By Elcin From Sales

Apple cookie is an indispensible member of the afternoon teas and after dinner family teas. This apple cookie is stuffed with shredded golden apple, roasted hazelnut and cinnamon. It is super simple to prepare and tasty. Ingredients: Cookie Dough: 100gr(1 waterglass) wheat starch 125gr (1 waterglass) caster sugar 250 gr butter (SAN013: Kerrymaid Spread-1x2kg) 1 … Continue reading