Rules & Example Recipes

  • JJ Foodie – Online Recipes competition is only for current JJ Food Service Empoyees. You are not permitted to receive help from any other person when cooking your recipe
  • Come up with a recipe that uses 3 ingredients from JJ – These cannot be sauces, dips, drinks or packaging.. Marinating and cooking sauces are allowed
  • Purchase at least 3 ingredients from JJ that will be used in your recipe – Remember to keep your invoice
  • Write a step by step guide to make your recipe with photos; E-mail photos, article and JJ invoice to
  • Receive money back for JJ Invoices up to £40 for every recipe sent that meets the rules
  • Each article submitted by you must be in a different category each month. i.e if you made a pasta dish last month, you have to make something completely different next time. You can only submit one recipe per month.
  • One recipe per month will win a £100 or alternatively a prize chosen at the discretion of JJ Food Service
  • All payments for JJ Food Service Ltd. invoices of up to £40.00 and payment of ‘recipe of the month’ of £100.00 only will be made following the first payment period after the end of the month to which your qualified recipe was submitted. Example Payment: If you send your recipe on 2nd April 2012 you will receive payment on 9th May 2012
  • Before sending a recipe to, you must check that the recipe has not already been published on JJ Foodie. The recipe must be unique to prevent the recipe being rejected.
  • All recipes must be an original creation and must not be copied from any other recipe found on JJ Foodie, consequently their recipe will be rejected if found to be matching a recipe already published on JJ Foodie.

Submitted Format:

Creative Recipe Name

Introduction to your creation

Ingredients used (Highlighting JJ products)

Step by step cooking instructions

Step by step photographs

First name and department only will be published on the blog.


The Three P’s – Pasta, Prawns and Pesto

For any day of the week, here is an easy and delicious pasta dish filled with juicy king prawns which can be ready in less then half an hour.

Ingredients that are needed are:

FIS219: Tiger Delight IQF Raw P&D Vannamei (16/20) King Prawn

VEG263: Sapori D’Italia Pomodori Secchi-(Sun-Dried Tomatoes)

SAU198: Sapori D’Italia Premium Fresh Red Pesto Rosso

Tagliatelle Pasta

Red and Green Peppers

Red Onions


Slice red onions

Slice red and green peppers


Ensure the prawns are defrosted and wash with cold water


Add the pasta to boiling water and season with salt

Follow the instructions on the packaging for cooking time


Fry onions and peppers together


Once onions and peppers are cooked, add sundried tomatoes (VEG263) to the frying pan
Add raw prawns (FIS219) to frying pan, cook till prawns turn pink
Drain pasta
Put the pasta back into the pan
Add prawns, onions, peppers and sundried tomatoes to the pasta
Add fresh red pesto (SAU198) to the pan and mix together
Serve and Enjoy!!

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