Stuffed mushroom with tomato sauce and melted cheddar by Ateser from Operations

Here is one of my favourite dishes of all the time. It’s unique and easy to prepare. I enjoy cooking it and it is a great meal to have with friends, I hope that you try to make it and can taste how nice all the flavours blend together. Best thing is about making it … Continue reading

Aubergine Delights By Ozgul From Sales

Aubergine Delights –with its original name “Islim Kebab”- is known to be an old Ottoman dish which is made of aubergines stuffed with soft beef in a rich tomato sauce and grated cheese that done my way. This is a great tempting presentation dish that you can serve as a main or side dish.Its steamy,cheesy … Continue reading


This is very famous and traditional Turkish dish speciality minced meat is mixed with cooked rice and fried. Serve Kadinbudu kofte( Lady’s Thigh kofte) with variety of meze side dishes or with a simple side salad Preparition : 45 minutes Cooking : 15 minutes   JJ Ingredients: MEA040 Wilson best value minced beef  1kg MIS128 Natural breadcrumbs 1*1 Kg  OIL051 JJ … Continue reading


This is a Turkish dish cooked in a baking paper, the paper keep the moist in and allows the meat to further cook making it very tender. I used beef but you can use lamb as well. Preparation: 1 hour Cooking: 1 hour JJ Ingredients: MEA145: LHF Organic Beef Strips(Single)-1x500g VEG201: Greens Frozen Choice Peas(Bags)-1x1kg … Continue reading

Stuffed Vine Leaves with Minced Beef By Betigul From Sales

Stuffed Vine Leaves with Minced Beef (Etli Yaprak Sarması or Dolma)  Dolma is a family of stuffed vegetable dishes in the cuisines of the former Ottoman Empire. Perhaps the best-known is the grape-leaf dolma.The stuffing may or may not include meat. The filling generally consists of rice, minced meat or bulgur. In either case, the … Continue reading