Hunkar Begendi By Onur From Product Group

I would like to make Hunker Begendi for JJ Foodie. Hünkar Beğendi is lamb stew served on a bed of creamy roasted eggplant puree. However, “begendi,” in time, started to be used for eggplant puree. Ingredients: 500 gr meat. MEA136: Red Tractor Premiumeat Diced Lamb-2x1kg 2 spoons butter SAN015: Lakeland Butter Portions-(SIZE 7)-6×100 2 onions VEG366: Brown … Continue reading

Mus and Nick’s Glazed Beef Bonanza with Spiced Potatoes

Mus and Nick’s Glazed Beef Bonanza with Spiced Potatoes is a fantastic dish to enjoy with friends over a glass of your favourite wine! Spiced Potatoes Preparation time approximately 1 hour Cooking time, approximately 1 hour Serves 6 Ingredients: VEG646: 1 kg/2 lb of floury potatoes VEG605: 1 large green pepper, seeded and finely chopped … Continue reading

’’FAJİTA DE POLLO’’ by Ozkan from Sales

Chicken fajitas! A little bit of back story. The word “fajita” means “little belt” from “faja” for strip or belt, and the diminutive “ita”. It describes a skirt steak, and fajitas were traditionally made with grilled skirt steak, though now they can be made with chicken, shrimp, you name it. The method is to quickly … Continue reading

Aubergine Delights By Ozgul From Sales

Aubergine Delights –with its original name “Islim Kebab”- is known to be an old Ottoman dish which is made of aubergines stuffed with soft beef in a rich tomato sauce and grated cheese that done my way. This is a great tempting presentation dish that you can serve as a main or side dish.Its steamy,cheesy … Continue reading


This tart is super simple to prepare and is the perfect – light and crisp side dish for your summer grilling menu. As the pastry is made with olive oil and cheese it gives a nice moist taste to the pastry.   JJ Ingredients: CHE055: Ricotta-1x250g OIL064: Gomo Pomace Olive Oil Blend-1x5L VEG621: Gomo Pitted … Continue reading