Radga Patties By Sonal From Customer Service

I made a simply awesome and mouth watering indian dish. It’s called radga patties. Patties is made of potoatoes and radga is called with chick peas. Hope you like it. Ingredients: LEN010: KTC Chick Peas-12x400g VEG007: Loose Tomatoes (Class 2)-1x6kg FLO024: JJ Corn Flour-1x3kg OIL049: JJ Vegetable Cooking Oil (PET)-1x5L ½ mustard and cumin seeds … Continue reading


Baozi ( Lamb Bun), traditional Chinese food with 1400 years history made by flour pastry with minced lamb and vegetable filling. Ingredients: SPI474: Knorr Chicken Powder SPI440: Lotus Five Spice Powder OIL075: Orchid Blended Sesame Oil VEG698:  Fresh Ginger Lamb Mince Plain Flour Yeast Soy Sauce Spring Onion Step 1: Pour the flour into the … Continue reading