Barberry Rice with Saffron Chicken By Nilofar From Sales

This dish which is called Zeresk  Polo in Iran is one of the most popular dishes that is served in special occasions.  It is quick, easy and budget friendly. Barberries and Saffron are the most important ingredients for cooking this food. Barberries are small berries that are used a lot in Persian food and they … Continue reading

Aegean Stuffed Peppers By Gokhan From Product Group

 Practically, it is baked dish with pre-cooking. The mixture of beautiful stuffing and fresh peppers creating an amazing vegetarian dish. Stuffing peppers has been a method of cooking in both sides of the Aegean sea for ages. you can make it either with adding minced meat in the mixture or as a vegetarian option. Different … Continue reading

’’FAJİTA DE POLLO’’ by Ozkan from Sales

Chicken fajitas! A little bit of back story. The word “fajita” means “little belt” from “faja” for strip or belt, and the diminutive “ita”. It describes a skirt steak, and fajitas were traditionally made with grilled skirt steak, though now they can be made with chicken, shrimp, you name it. The method is to quickly … Continue reading


Beyti kebab is a traditional Turkish dish consisting of minced beef, lamb or chicken, grilled on a skewer and served wrapped in tortilla and topped with tomato sauce, parsley and yogurt. Preparation: 45 min Cooking: 40 min   JJ Ingredients: BAK059: Letsdough 10″ Flour Tortilla Wraps-4×18 OIL062: Antica Tradizione Extra Virgin Olive Oil-1x5L DAI074: Yayla … Continue reading


De volaille is delicious and original dish with cheese and red peppers. Ingredients:  CHI221: JJ Uncooked Halal Chicken Fillet (Blue Pack)-25x80g, only 2 CHE138: Yayla Cheddar (Kasar) Cheese-1x500g, few slices VEG199: Farmers Pride Frozen Farmhouse Mix Vegetables (Bags)-1x1kg 100g rice 1 egg breadcrumbs red or green peppers salt paprika powder black pepper   oil Step 1: … Continue reading