The Easter preparations are an important part of the selection of recipes that are family, friends and guests to celebrate the occasion we want to create. Traditional dishes such as ham and eggs, spongy cake, of course, can not be left out. All holiday regions, an opportunity to try out new recipes as well. Behold, … Continue reading

Mus and Nick’s Glazed Beef Bonanza with Spiced Potatoes

Mus and Nick’s Glazed Beef Bonanza with Spiced Potatoes is a fantastic dish to enjoy with friends over a glass of your favourite wine! Spiced Potatoes Preparation time approximately 1 hour Cooking time, approximately 1 hour Serves 6 Ingredients: VEG646: 1 kg/2 lb of floury potatoes VEG605: 1 large green pepper, seeded and finely chopped … Continue reading

Turkish Bulgur Salad Recipe – (KISIR) by Betigul from Sales

KISIR is a traditional Middle Eastern side dish made from fine bulgur, parsley, and tomato or pepper paste. The main ingredient, bulgur, is a cereal food generally made from parboiled durum wheat. For kısır, a finely ground bulgur, unlike the coarse bulgur used for pilav, or sometimes couscous is used. Traditionally in Turkey kisir is made with red pepper paste. And as our experience … Continue reading

The Three P’s – Pasta, Prawns and Pesto

For any day of the week, here is an easy and delicious pasta dish filled with juicy king prawns which can be ready in less then half an hour.   Ingredients that are needed are: FIS219: Tiger Delight IQF Raw P&D Vannamei (16/20) King Prawn VEG263: Sapori D’Italia Pomodori Secchi-(Sun-Dried Tomatoes) SAU198: Sapori D’Italia Premium Fresh … Continue reading