ASHURE (Aşure) Aşure is a traditional Turkish dessert made from different varieties of grains, nuts, and fruits mixed together to form a porridge-like pudding.  The word “aşure” is derived from the Hebrew word “asor” which means “the tenth” or more literally as “the tenth day” as the “Day of Aşure” usually falls on the tenth … Continue reading

Su Boregi – Turkish Cheese Lasagne (Ottoman Cuisine) By Pinar From Sales

This borek is very famous all-over Turkey, especially in the Black Sea Region, in the north. The crispy outer layers, squeaky soft layers of lasagne-like sheets, warm and melting cheese taste in-between might be the reason for its popularity. For making the layers of lasagne: 350 gr/ 3 cups Self raising flour (FLO031: wrights Self … Continue reading

Vietnamese Traditional Sticky Rice with Prawn Wrapped and Steamed in Banana Leaf (Xoi tom cuon la chuoi) by Kim from Admin

Just as congee is the traditional Chinese breakfast, in Vietnam it is common to start the day with a bowl of sticky rice. This recipe for prawn sticky rice consists of prawn cooked with sweet glutinous rice and coconut milk. Preparation: 10 min Cooking: 30 min   JJ Ingredients: FIS376­_Ocean Catch IQF Raw P&D Vannamei … Continue reading