Online Recipes – Terms & Conditions


1. ELIGIBILITY TO ENTER: a) JJ Foodie competition is intended for active JJ Food Service Ltd. employees only, members of the public or JJ Food Service Ltd. customers are not eligible to receive any prize or moneys associated with JJ Foodie but are permitted to send entries for posting on You are not permitted to receive help from any other person when cooking your recipe.

2. ENTRIES: a) To be eligible, all entrants must purchase at least 3 products from JJ Food Service Ltd.

b) Products which are prohibited for use within the JJ Foodie competition are all varieties of sauces, dips, drinks or packaging.  Marinating and cooking sauces are permitted.

c) Recipes must be submitted in the required format which must include a recipe name, introduction, ingredients used (Highlighting JJ products), step by step cooking instructions, step by step photographs and photograph of final product. All photographs submitted must be a genuine copy and must not be copied from any other source.

d) All entries will be published onto in accordance with rule 5b. The first name and department of the employee will also be published.

e) All entries must be sent to Entries submitted in any other way will not be accepted. This includes paper based entries and entries submitted to any other email address unless you have been formally asked to do so.

f) To be eligible for any type of payment, each article submitted by an employee must be in a different category each month. Only one recipe per month, per employee is permitted.

3. INVOICE PAYMENT: a) All entrants who submit recipes in the required format will receive payment for JJ Food Service Ltd. invoices only. This will be a sum of up to £40.00, in accordance with all other rules.

b) Any JJ Food Service Ltd. invoice submitted with an entry cannot exceed 3 months from the date stated on the invoice. Any JJ Food Service Ltd. invoices submitted with an entry, which exceed 3 months, will not be eligible for payment of up to £40.00 for the invoice and/or the ‘recipe of the month’ winner’s prize.

4. CONDITIONS: a) JJ Food Service Ltd. reserves the right to withdraw the JJ Foodie competition from all/individual JJ employees anytime.

b) JJ Food Service Ltd. has the right to reject any content submitted to

c) JJ Food service Ltd. will not make payment of up to £40.00 to any employee for invoices from any other company/s used to purchase products for use with a JJ Foodie entry.

d) Payments of any sums of moneys will be made to active JJ Food Service Ltd. employees only. No payment will be made to any persons deactivated from JJ Food Service Ltd. even if at the time of entry the person was an active employee.

e) JJ Food Service Ltd. does not take any responsibility for entries which cannot be processed due to any technical failures or for any incomplete, misdirected or lost entries.

f) By submitting an entry to, the entrant is agreeing that all materials are originals and have been created by the entrant only.

5. WINNER SELECTION: All submitted recipes which meet the requirements will be judged impartially at the end of each month. The winner is entitled to the ‘recipe of the month’ prize which is a sum of £100.00 only or alternatively a prize chosen at the discretion of JJ Food Service.

6. WINNERS LIST: All winners of the ‘recipe of the month’ will be notified and stated on

7. PAYMENTS: All payments for JJ Food Service Ltd. invoices of up to £40.00 and payment of ‘recipe of the month’ of £100.00 only if applicable, will be made following the first payment period after the end of the month to which your qualified recipe was submitted.

8. END DATE: The JJ Foodie competition will come to an end once 1000 recipes have been collected.


  1. JJ Food Service Ltd. accepts no liability for any damages, of whatever kind due to information provided on
  2. JJ Food Service accepts no liability for any allergies or illnesses caused by the consumption of food made according to any recipe found on If any persons recreate any recipe, they must do so following the correct cooking instructions and allergy information found on the packaging of the product.
  3. All recipes found on are for general information and use only. They have not been provided as advice and are not professional recommendations.
  4. JJ Food Service Ltd. reserves the right to make any changes to the rules of the competition and corrections and changes to the content on without prior warning.
  5. JJ Food Service Ltd. reserves the right to record and store information provided for JJ Foodie, which will be made available via the www and use the information in any manner JJ Food Service Ltd. chooses.
  6. JJ Food Service does not accept any responsibility for ensuring recipes are an original creation or interpretation. The entrant will be solely held accountable for any breach of copyright laws.

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