1.    Use your imagination when thinking of a title for your recipe…

2.    Write a detailed  description of your recipe and make step by steps simple and easy to follow. Ensure photographs are taken to go with each step by step.

3.  Ensure photographs are clear and good quality.

Set the camera’s resolution to take high quality photos at the highest resolution possible.

Avoid digital zoom, move closer to your subject.

Take photos in natural day light. 

Keep your camera steady while pressing the shutter button to avoid distorting the subject.

4. Present food in an inventive way, presenting food well is all part of the show that is cooking.

Selecting the right plates, cutlery, glasses and linen will enhance the overall appearance of the dish upon the table:

Consider the use of a separate sauce or the sauce the dish comes with as a form or decorative design:

Consider how to present the main portion in relation to the side dishes:

Choose your garnish wisely:

Consider colours and textures:

5.    Use different cooking methods each time you enter.

Baking, Steaming, Grilling, Roasting, Boiling, Stewing, Frying, Barbequing, Basting

6.    Choose the food to suit the occasion.

Think about any special events that are taking place or the time of year when creating a recipe.

Gold medal shortbread biscuits

7.    Keep up-to-date by checking out cooking magazines, cooking or foodie websites and cooking shows for current ideas.

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